Complete WordPress Installation Service with Demo and Plugins Setup

WordPress Installation Service. The wordpress infrastructure is set up to work with all the features of the theme you have purchased on your website, and you can set your company logo, contact form settings, Google Analytics, etc. After making your integrations such as, we also load demo content. We provide exactly the same interface you see on the demo page of the theme you purchased.

Service Content

If the website is to be installed for the first time, installing it with the most up-to-date version of wordpress..

We can install the theme you have purchased from Themeforest

We can integrate the basic components used by Worpress according to your site.

If demo content is provided in the wordpress theme you purchased, we can apply that demo content to the site.

If you need more support for WordPress site setup, check the EXTRAS section below.


Installing security plugins to reduce security risks: $20
Popular SEO plugin setup: $20
Hosting service for your WordPress site$99 / Year
Move your existing wordpress site to another server$49


In order to provide this service, we will need the following information;

Your WordPress admin login information

Your FTP information

If needed, your control panel information of your service provider